Salon Treatments | Revitalizing Facial Treatments
Simply Porceline skin care understands how important it is to nurture and restore oneself, but how pressed we all are for the time to do so. That’s why we’ve opened a concept salon in Beverly Hills bearing the same name as our sensational products. As with our product line, the Simply Porceline Salon only focuses on the essentials so that you leave totally rejuvenated in a short period of time.

On South Maple Drive in Beverly Hills, the salon is a welcome change to the hustle and bustle atmosphere that is typically found at other spas. We encourage our clients to lounge on comfy couches and enjoy the stress-free and hospitable environment at their leisure. Here you’ll feel like you’re at home, or at least somewhere you would like to call home.

Basic Facial (1 hr 15 min) $100
Exfoliating Facial (light gommage peel) (1 1/2 hr) $115
Exfoliating facial (AHA or herbal enzyme peel) $125
Exfoliating Facial (AHA & herbal enzyme peel) $130
Extreme Moisturizing Facial (including light gommage peel) (1 1/2 hr) $130
Extreme Moisturizing Facial (including AHA or herbal enzyme peel) $140
Extreme Moisturizing Facial (including AHA & herbal enzyme peel) $145
Acne Facial (1 hour) (no massage) $100
Mini Facial (45 min) (no massage, no peel) $90
"Pick-me-up" Extreme Moisture Facial (30 min) (with light peel) $55
"Pick-me-up" Extreme Moisture Facial (30 min) (with AHA or enzyme) $65
Moisture Ampoule added to any facial $5
Decollete Exfoliation added to an exfoliating facial $15
Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment (15 min $50) (or buy a series of 6-$270)
Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment & mask (30 min $70) (or buy a series of 6-$390)
Glycolic Acid peel added on to any facial $30
Back Cleansing Treatment (45 min) $90
Lash Tint $25
Brow Tint $15
Eyebrow Shaping $25
Lip $10
Chin Wax $10
Jawline / Facial Waxing $10
½ Leg Wax (lower leg) $30
½ Leg & Bikini Wax (upper leg) $40
Full Leg Wax $60
Basic Basic Bikini Wax (very little off) $25
Basic Bikini Wax (a little more off) $35
Brazilian Bikini Wax (enough for a thong) $45
Playboy Bikini Wax (all off) $55
Combine a 1/2 leg or full leg wax with any bikini wax (receive a $5 discount)
½ Arm Wax (to elbow) $30
Full Arm Wax (above elbow) $40
Underarm Wax $15-$20
Back Wax $40 - $50

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372 S. Maple Drive.
Beverly Hills. CA. 90212
(Corner Maple Drive & Olympic Blvd. Entrance on Olympic Blvd.)
(P) 310.777 8309