Merle Celine-Muller After three years full time study in Beauty Technology and with over thirty years experience as an Aesthetician, Spa Manager and Salon Owner, South African born Merle Celine-Muller has learned the needs and preferences of her clientele's skin care products. Having realized that many of the lines she was retailing in her salon were becoming large and costly, she saw the need for simplicity.

Paying particular attention to ingredient technology and working closely with experienced chemists the development of SIMPLY PORCELINE began. The results achieved are a high quality skin care product line formulated with botanical extracts and natural derivatives that is moderately priced, simple to use and exceptionally efficient in performance.

Travel Size The concept of SIMPLY PORCELINE is to obtain results of a healthy and glowing complexion with a quick and simple routine. To keep the skin clean, moist and well protected and help to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

SIMPLY PORCELINE does no animal testing and no ingredients are used that may clog the pores or be irritating to a sensitive skin.